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The night watchman on the ward, McMurphy bribes him to allow Candy into the ward.
One of the male aides who work for Nurse Ratched.
One of the male aides who work for Nurse Ratched.
The main doctor on the ward, both Nurse Ratched and McMurphy easily manipulate him.
A patient on the ward, he hallucinates that he sees objects on the board when the men play Monopoly.
A thirty-1 yr old patient in the institution, he nevertheless appears very young, in part because of his persistent stutter. His mother, who has intimidated him into behaving younger than his years...
A prostitute from Portland that chaperones McMurphy and the other patients on the fishing trip. McMurphy later plans a visit for Candy to the ward so that she may have sex with Billy Bibbit.
Also known as Chief Broom. A tall, half-Indian patient in the ward, he is the patient who has been in the institution the longest. Although others think that he is deaf and mute, he instead chooses...
Psychiatrist. Assigned by the court to assess Agnes'' sanity and therefore culpability in the death of her newborn child. She believes in science and tangibility and is a critic of faith and miracles.
The mother superior of the convent where Agnes lives. She discovered the dead baby in Agnes'' room. She''s very protective of Agnes and skeptical of Dr. Livingstone''s practices.

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